The Story of an Ethical Fabric

Good Morning Pushkar

The beautiful princely state of Rajasthan is where our travels take us—we've come to work with the traditional block printing that hails from this region of India. We've arrived during monsoon, which leaves the usually arid golden desert a vivid and fleeting verdant green. 


For our Spring collection we are excited and proud to work with The Stitching Project, a Craftsmark certified artisan based factory in Rajasthan, India. 

Ethically run, they train local villagers in traditional sewing and printing techniques. They are also very diligent about their fabric sourcing, ensuring that the weavers and artisans are paid a fair wage. They travel all over India searching for small weaving communities to work with, and bring back their beautiful finds to their studio in Rajasthan where they print, sew, dye, and make lovely hand detailed clothing and accessories.

The Jali Print

For our Spring 2018 collection we created a design inspired by the marble carved jali screens at the Taj Mahal. An artisan hand carved the design on a wooden block and we had it hand printed on a very fine cotton voile from Bengal. This voile is hand spun and hand woven:  zero electricity is used in making this fabric. From the growing of the cotton, to the spinning of the yarn, to weaving the fabric and making the print. ZERO ELECTRICITY.

It blows my mind that this is possible. 

And Back to Delhi

After the end of the workday, sitting at the edge of Pushkar Lake and watching the sun set is a wonderful reward. The next day is a train ride back to Delhi hand carrying our newly printed fabric.

Marisol Arteaga